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Kundalini Yoga and Art 2-9 May 2020

Kundalini Yoga is a millennial technique that prepares person’s body and mind for the development of the physical, psychic and spiritual energy.

The classes are composed by warm-up, pranayama (breathing exercises), kriya (series of physical exercises), relaxation and meditation. Kundalini Yoga is commonly known in the western world thanks to the inspiration of Mr. S.S.S Yogi Bhajan who spread this practice in the 60s and 70s.

Borgo Gerlino Yoga retreat is an opportunity to enhance your creativity in harmony with the spring season.

Yoga and art are fundamental tools to deepen self-knowledge by letting inspired by something new, our authenticity.

Technical sheet

The Yoga’s technique, through postures, breathing techniques, meditation, chanting of mantras and the power of art allow us to modify and transform the glance we have towards ourselves and the surrounding.

Moreover, Dance and drawing become tools to deepen self-knowledge and surprise us, dilute emotions, relate to what seems separate.

The wheels of lif: The 7 Chakras

In Yoga’s philosophy the 7 chakras are cardinal points since they are very important energy centers present in our body.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means wheel, disk or circle. The chakras are our vital points and represent the energy centers of our body which absorb and distribute our vital energy (prana) externally.

The chakras are not part of our physical body but of our subtle body and they allow us to connect with the psyche.

When they are open, energy can flow freely, with positive effects for our natural system. Differently, when the chakras are closed, the energy cannot longer flow, forming blockage that causes negative repercussions both physically and emotionally.


Sat Narayan Simran Kaur

Coming from Argentina, Sat born in the capital of Salta, she studies social communication which has allowed her to work for “alternative” media in the province of Buenos Aires. She developed her techniques of Aromatherapy, Tea Ceremony, Pranic Healing and Abhyanga and Shantala Massage in different countries.

She has been an instructor of Kundalini Yoga since 15 years, constantly updating the techniques and living a yogic lifestyle according to the teachings of Master Yogi Bhajan.

She is currently studing Ayurvedic medicine and she is also organizing events related to the discipline of Yoga with international teachers worldwide.

Sat belongs to the IKYTA Kundalini Yoga Instructor Association (International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association).

Bert Hellinger®schule certified constellator, Argentina.

Director of the Anahat Yoga Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Margherita Baratti

Margherta is a Kundalini Yoga instructor as taught by Yogi Bhajan (KRI certified, Kundalini Research Institute). She graduated in Philosophy (Vita-Salute San Raffaele, Milan), she has a Master in Political and Ethical Philosophy (Sorbonne Paris IV, Paris) and was a PhD student in Philosophy (UBA, Universidad de Buenos Aires) in Buenos Aires. Dance, theater and photography are the languages she uses to express her creativity.

She studied sound technology in India and approached several meditation techniques of the Buddhist tradition (Vipassana, India and Jodo Shinshu, Japan).

Founder of the cultural and artistic center Palazzo Caprioli, Brescia, Italy.