Traveler is no longer satisfied with remembering his trip simply by taking a picture but looking for authentic life experiences to be able to share and tell personally with friends and family.

So here is a list of unique activities and experiences that can be lived in Borgo Gerlino.

Esperienze incluse

Degustazione Olio Gerlino

The agricultural company Carpino, owner of Borgo Gerlino, started in 2018 to produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Montebenichi, just 3km from the Villa.

To introduce it to the market, Borgo Gerlino can arrange its customers a olive oil tasting at the Villa!

Bruschetta with oil and salt, raw oil tests and "how to use oil in the kitchen" will be the main players in this experience!


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Degustazione Vino «Fattoria Casabianca»

With the aim to show Tuscan food and wine tradition to its guests, Borgo Gerlino, thanks to the collaboration with "Fattoria Casabianca", offers a wine tasting at the winery near Bucine, a few kilometers from the Villa.

A complete tasting, the welcome of the owner Aldo Liquori and a selection of products will be unforgettable elements of this experience. Introduce yourself and say you are in Borgo Gerlino for a special treatment!

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Notti d’Ambra

In the splendid Ambra, every Tuesday of the summer season, the town comes alive and becomes the center of wonderful evenings dedicated to good food, wine and local products.

All commercial activities remain open even in the evening, granting a splendid and friendly environment to the lucky visitors who are looking for authentic and true experiences in the heart of Tuscany



Tuscany is one of the most enchanting territories among the Italian regions, it offers an infinite variety of cities of art and culture, ancient villas, sea, hills and countryside, and an enormous range of opportunities for those who decide to visit it.

Altre Esperienze


The E-Bike service is designed to help you discover incredible landscapes and the breathtaking nature that surround Borgo Gerlino, all assisted by a lighter pedaling suitable for everyone, adults and children.

There is also the possibility of organizing food and wine tours that can be reached by cycling along km of dirt roads through woods and valleys accompanied by expert and professional guides.

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There are 2 golf courses for players of all levels easy and affordable for everyone: Valdichiana Golf Club, 9 holes recently renovated and the exclusive La Bagnaia Golf Club, designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr with 18 holes.

Both fields are a few kilometers away from Borgo Gerlino and allow its guests to practice or play at any time of the year

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Hole in one

There are several naturalistic and landscape paths that can be undertaken in the surroundings of Borgo Gerlino. All are described in the guide book «Diario del Viandante», promoted by the municipality of Bucine to help discover the beauties of our territory.

Translated into English, interactive and easy to follow, the guide will inspire wonderful days to share with friends and family

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Discover it

Near the Villa it is possible to have fun in two different tennis courts: the first near the Polo Club, in synthetic, the second in Sogna, in concrete.

Both courts are located in unique and fascinating contexts suitable for a match in pure Tuscan style.

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Have fun!

A few kilometers from Borgo Gerlino, there are the spas of Rapolano Terme, a structure of renowned importance with a wide choice of treatments and wellness packages.

An ideal place to take care of your body and relax in the best possible way between one activity and another.


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Polo club Villa a Sesta

Spotted just five minutes by car from the “Villa a Sesta Polo Club”, is one of the most important Polo facilities where the semifinals of the 2011 World Championship were held.

The structure offers different courses and lessons for any level and age. It is also possible to attend the weekly matches and competitions that are usually held throughout the summer period!

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Outlet Prada

The Prada brand has its clothing and shoes production center in Valdarno and in Montevarchi (23 km from Borgo Gerlino) there is “Space Outlet”, Prada corporate outlet, where you can buy men's and women's suits, shoes, sunglasses and accessories. various.

Inside the large structure, there are also many products of other well- known clothing brands belonging to the same group such as Miu Miu, Car Shoe, Helmut Lang

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Caccia al tartufo

In one of the reserves of Pieve Santo Stefano, an exciting truffle hunt is organized for the guests of Borgo Gerlino, to discover the different types depending on the hunting period.

After the hunt, a snack based on typical Tuscan products can be organized in the fascinating setting of the truffle. You can also organize a lunch in one of the restaurants near the reserve, in order to fully enjoy this extraordinary protected area.

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A.s.d Arezzo is one of the main Italian locations where you can have fun with friends and spend an unusual afternoon.

The structure offers different battlefields as urban, war and green fields providing all the necessary tools to have fun in safety conditions.

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Borgo Gerlino is located in a privileged context as it is surrounded by historic cities such as Siena and Arezzo and by several fascinating and unique villages of their kind. Is not difficult to come across walls of historical importance, rustic farmhouses and charming “Borghi”.

There are also several places of worship that can be visited and private properties used as a museum. In short, you have just to choose what to see..